WWE Mayhem HackThere are many fans of WWE Mayhem Hack guide because it is one of the best enjoyable game for all who watch WWE. The storyline of the game starts with more adventure than just entering in random fights of WWE and winning the game. The game consists of episodes and seasons with the demanded action and dialogues that keep going on between the superstars of the game for increasing the heat of the game challenge. The user can unlock the favorite superstars in the game and then buy energy points. You can also get the points of the game for free when you use WWE Mayhem cheats service. The game was designed and published by a famous company named Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd. You can download and play the game either on Android or IOS of 8.0 versions. The engineers have made a very strong graphics engine, so it is better to use a high-end-device for using the device. Users of the game can enjoy a number of different features as mentioned below:

Features of WWE Mayhem Hack guide

When it is about the features of WWE Mehyem Hack guide, you will be surprised to see that the game is filled with interesting aspects. Most of the time, starters face difficulty in using the game because of its features, but with the passage, they become experts. Following guide for WWE Mehyem can provide much help for you that you can use for playing the game through understanding all the critical features and main concepts.
There is loot case system that has different types and categories on the next stage. Each of the stages has a reward system, and rarest can lead to a higher reward. The user can get the loot case once she/he has opened the game on a daily basis in every 24 hours of duration. The activity also leads to a booster for the user that keep him/her hooked up in the game. The stage helps in increasing the database number of the player. However, there are cases according to the type of events, and some of them are the hardest cases. Other cases need a collection of fragments for getting the game unlocked in an easy manner through WWE Mayhem cheats service.

Method of Playing the Game and Unlocking Suitcase

Now new players get concerned about the usage of types of cases of the game and they become curious about the importance of these cases. Taking you to the starter cases, it is important to understand that in this section you do not have much chance of getting superstar wrestler which is not to worry about. You can also have rarest cases and unlock 6 stars’ fights with amazing WWE Mayhem Hack guide. However, luck plays a very important role in the matter of all the cases of game. The good thing is that the players can beat the luck factor through repetition and opening the available cases. In this way; they do not have to worry about the cost of the game and still enjoy the cases. It is considered a very appreciating way of getting the strong wrestlers. Using different factors can help in identification of the power of wrestlers. The initial thing indicating the power of wrestler is the star’s system that the user gets with good performance in the game. It also indicates the infrequency level of game’s wrestler. Checking the overall power in total number is way to see the result because the more stars you get, the more reward you will receive. Going with high numbers is also a good approach. Following the tips of WWE Mayhem is also a good way to succeed in the game and you can do it by scrolling down. Advance tips are also available in next stages and they are also good. Keep in mind to not to brute force through different blocks and keep the circle of class in your mind. Keep your special moves at the right time and keep going good in your fights.

Customizing Starting Lineup

Now let’s have a look at the 4 hours’ suit that the player can have after every 4 hours. This suit is the lowest of the WWE Mayhem suitcases that are available in the game. It is experts’ advice that it is beneficial to skip the 4 hours’ suit while you are playing the game because it only wastes time. Checking the superstar section can help you know what you have managed so far for unlocking. You can see the overall power on the right next to the game’s icon. You can also filter the available list from all the players who are a newbie and all the unwanted starts. You will only be confused if you will have useless starts and filling up all the remaining slots. It is better to ignore the useless stars and focus on other things for preventing yourself from getting other useless stars. It is necessary to keep the personal list clean and short because it will help you pick the superstars for your next fights in the game. If you are a new player, then you can keep playing the game with this attitude and then enjoy your experience of playing WWE Mayhem Hack guide 2018.

Selecting from 3 Difficulties

Now you know that the main story of the game splits into different seasons and interesting episodes. Now let’s have a look on the next level in which you will find that each of the seasons of the game has four different episodes. You can choose any of the seasons based on the level of difficulty. Following are the seasons that you can see in general.


This season has low target rating, and the reward of this section is also less than the other seasons available with different kind of difficulties.


Now the medium section has an average rating and average means that is neither high nor low. The total fight in this season is four at the game’s season 2, and the other feature of energy per mode stays one. The rewards players get also remain average.


The last season is hard that has a good and high target rating, and the player gets a high reward. The tricky thing about this part is that the player has to fail for getting the level done. You can use main surviving tool that we have mentioned above for help.
Now when you have picked up the level of difficulty for the existing episode then starting choosing the superstar for entering the fight on your behalf should be your next step. There is an option of selecting more than three different superstars and go to the different levels of progress. You can see the upgraded level when you reach level number 20 and remaining five superstars because of WWE Mayhem Generator. You can also see the overall power of the fighters with a comparison of the opponent before the fight starts. Covering the booster part is available to the next level that you can have when you move forward.

Purchasing Boosters for Securing your Victory

WWE Mayhem hack guide can enable you to purchase the boosters before the match begins. These boosters further split into 3 different parts, but there is a term of using the booster only once during the game. Following are the different boosters that you can use:


Heal booster helps in reviving superstar and regenerating the lost health point from the opponent’s attacks. There is an option of using the booster at a stage when you are going to die, and the game is at a point of fading out.


Enhancing the powers is possible in through this booster. Yes, you can upgrade yourself with skills and powers to manage the damage that you get during the fight though regular hits. It is a good option for fast KO so availing it a good step during the game.


The next booster is named as a boost in which you can have everything boosted. It includes the attacking skills of the players and also the movement speed that is necessary for fighting a good battle. Turing in the hybrid fight is easy, and you can simply do it with the boost booster.

However, these are not the last things available for the players in WWE Mayhem Hack guide because upgrading the superstars is also possible in other ways. Yes, you can increase the synergy of the superstars and the entire team which shows more cooperation during the battles and good moves with good flow between players. It is necessary to have a high level of synergy for winning the matches of the team. Creating good atmosphere is also important for becoming unstoppable during the tough times.

You can use our tool of WWE Mayhem Generator online that makes it possible to win the game. You can get all the materials that are required for the superstars for necessary moves. Keeping the superstars at the same level of energy is important, and we can help you in your search by giving you right materials. Just use our tool and enjoy playing WWE Mayhem.

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  1. jeta

    Thank you for providing us with this game. This game is just the most addicting that I have ever played. I have deleted all my other games from my phone, because I don’t need them as long as I have WWW Mayhem. Awesome game!

  2. Janis

    I love this game somuch my best game

  3. Andrey

    This game is just amazing. I have played several games in my phone but nothing like this one. This game is addicting as hell and this is what I like most about it. The graphics are really really good, which makes it even more addicting

  4. Mosa

    When introduced to this game, I had many doubts about it. As soon as I started playing it I realized this would be a top game, this is why I continued playing it. It came out I am still playing it and also introducing it to my friends and relatives

  5. Dinnris

    Game is great and very fun to play. I love the style and the gameplay. There is only a few things I would like to update: Superstars theme music, costume changes and showing the belt at the end of the game in case there has been won one. Great great!

  6. nick

    Thank god they made a game like this. I have watched Wrestlemania since the beginning of their seasons. I love the game, I love how the characters look like in the game and I don’t mind playing it all day long.

  7. henry

    The bugs are fixed now and there is nothing wrong with the game anymore. I love how the graphics are made and I spend plenty of spare time to stay alone with my little game. It is simply awesome and enjoyable.

  8. Jim

    Game is Ok, nothing out of normal or amazingly surprising, but playable for all the ages I guess. I would not recommend it to real gamers, as it has nothing special tht other games, but for example for the beginners it would be a great game to start with.

  9. rafael

    Well, I don’t really have anything specific to say, but in general this game is nice and playable. It is not difficult, even for noobs it can be very easy to play this. I play it almost every day, not because of addiction, but because it is a nice turn to.

  10. sergio

    I like this game. It is simple, doesn’t require much effort and it is addictive. Gameplay is super, graphics so good the eyes do not hurt. I hope there are going to be more games like this one, because for us gamers, these stuff are sooo good.

  11. ijuan

    Yo the wrestling game is AWESOME, it sometimes feels like I am the one doing the moves ahahah. Everything is just as right as it should be. I have nothing negative to say about this app because all is good and awesome.

  12. gonzalo

    I was told by my brother that I should buy this game because he has had so much fun playing it. Since we live in different cities I couldn’t try the game on his phone, so I had to buy it myself. I was disappointed because I excepted something more interesting, but hey, I think it really depends on taste.

  13. paul

    They made a lot of publicity to this game before it got released and I had really high hopes about it, but now that I have tried it, it seems like just any other wrestling game. I will accept though, that the graphics are well done, but that’s all.

  14. artur

    At first I was skeptic about downloading this game, because I had read a few negative comments about it and I wasn’t sure. Then I decided to buy it and I believe this was a very smart decision, as I have been playing it until now and had very fun with it.

  15. smith

    WWE Mayhem is simply awesome. At the start I had a few bugs and problems with the app, but then they got fixed and I could finally enjoy the game. I haven’t had the chance to play it as much as I want, but when I find the time I love spending it by playing this game.

  16. william

    Nice game! I totally like the graphics, the way that the wrestlers are represented and all. One issue though, I think the game needs to have more wrestlers, because some of them are missing and it would be better to have the mos famous ones there.

  17. james

    Great game really love it but I would enjoy it more if their was female superstars with their own story battles , it was be awesome to have Divas in the game. Girls like wrestling too and it would be good to have them.

  18. bill

    This game is pretty simplistic but addictive like most other apps. The game is solid and haven’t had a single crash major or bug. I’ve made some progress in the game and was better than I was expecting .Unlocking the wrestlers is actually easy and isn’t tedious which is a big thumbs up for me. Unfortunately I’m now unable to log in. I assume it’s a server issue with too many people logging in but that’s still a big problem.

  19. dean

    What I like most about this, is that the company’s customer support is very responsive and gives you a feedback within 24 hours. I had an issue and they solved it immediately. All in all they are just perfect and very helpful.

  20. 12

    The biggest negative is the Story Mode. It’s incredibly stale, and it’s pretty ironic since story mode has absolutely no story. Just overall, not very good execution and it is starting to get boring; I will maybe delete it.

  21. Jill

    Addictive, fun, graphics are very impressive. I don’t know if it’s possible to make this game better. It’s just amazingly addictive ( In a good way ). I never get tired by playing it, it’s like it takes my stress away.

  22. lucas

    I really like the way they developed this game it’s almost like WWE champions but a more fun and more deviled version so I’ll give this a 5 start rating I have no complaints at all and think this

  23. JOhn

    This game is so far a great experience I just downloaded today and started to get into the game and so far I like it I spent about a year playing Wwe champions and spent about $15 on that game but on this game I don’t see the need to spend money it’s actually really easy to unlock the characters it just takes time and effort in completing the matches.

  24. 111

    Unfortunately this game affects me like a quick shot.Clear WCW also wanted to be represented in the market of console games in order to keep up with the WWF / WWE.But a thought-out game would have been much more valuable to the image than this imposition.

  25. wynn

    The only really positive thing about this game is that every wrestler has to be unlocked. What you have to do to get it. So who already has wrestling games like Smack Down does not have to have this but he definitely wants to play WCW stars from this time

  26. rick

    The editor mode to create his own wrestler is similar to a kid-friendly beginner version unlike all editors I know so far the new ones for PS3 and that’s not even positive you just have no freedom in things look very little prefabricated to select.

  27. jones

    Yes unfortunately that was nothing with a class game. The control is bad, the graphics are also poor for PS1 conditions. In contrast to other wrestling games of this time there is no story mode in any way you can only single matches or organize a tournament.

  28. jack

    This game is so fun and addicting it is very cool to play as your favorite wrestlers it is also a fun tap game. I would love victories theme snippets instead of default music to be honest, but even without these it remains a very good game.

  29. dimitris

    I have been having some difficulties when installing the game, many errors and stuff, and firstly I couldn’t play with it. Then, after a few days I tried installing it again and it worked. I have been playing it ever since and I am happy I did try a second time.

  30. franci

    This game is great!! It’s fun, it’s entertaining & it stops me from playing the other WWE games on my phone. My only issue is there are far too many network errors. I’ll recommend & share once the network errors are gone.

  31. Franci

    The game is nice and all, but I think it is more of a teenager game. The graphics are good, the gameplay also, but like I mentioned it looks more of a children game. I am 25 and I sometimes lose my patience by playing www mayhem.

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